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Logical Ability

This test is meant to assess the candidate’s capacity to think objectively, and to perceive and interpret trends in order to make generalizations. This includes the following parameters:

  • The ability to synthesize information and derive conclusions, i.e. deductive reasoning
  • The ability to learn by example, i.e. inductive reasoning
  • The ability to see through loopholes in an argument or group of statements, i.e. adductive reasoning
Quantitative Skills

These tests cover the candidate's basic understanding of numbers and application in real world problems based on certain scenarios.

These tests help in analyzing non-technical and technical quantitative ability to judge suitability for fields such as banking, finance, etc. and engineering, analytics, etc. respectively.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail assessments cover the following categories:

  • Abstract variables: word comparison, number set, etc.
  • Information processing: directly related words, passage inference, etc.
  • Geometrical figures: visual registration, image comparison etc.
English Skills
Written English Testing

The test covers:

  • Syntax and sentence structure
  • Comprehension exercises to test the candidate's ability to understand sentences correctly
  • Vocabulary of general and specific terminology
  • Ability to use suitable phrases to emphasize what is being conveyed

The test pattern includes fill in the blanks, sentence correction, error identification, sentence ordering, synonyms and etc.

Spoken English Testing

This test helps to evaluate a candidate on pronunciation, fluency, listening, spoken English understanding etc. and helps in judging spoken English suitability for roles in voice processes, internal communication etc.

A telephone-based test available over IVR, it is an effective way to evaluate a candidate's spoken English.

Personality Test
Forced choice tests

Forced choice questions are used to reduce the impact of faking and social desirability on a candidate’s assessment. Candidates are presented with two equally socially desirable statements and asked to endorse one. This is used to reveal the true inclinations of the candidate.

Situation judgement tests

These tests are used to evaluate and assess the candidate's judgment required for solving problems in work related situations. It uses hypothetical and challenging situations that might be encountered while taking business decisions or while interacting with co-workers, customers, partners, etc.

Coding Tests

These tests allow evaluation of actual programming skills of a candidate. The tests are designed to give candidates an opportunity to write the program in an editor, compile and run test cases, all in the assessment environment itself. The compiler supports multiple programming languages such as C, C++, Java etc.

IT Specific

Our tests for the IT domain cover a wide variety of subjects including programming, language and technology evaluations. A few of our most frequently used evaluation sets:

  • Core Java
  • Core Java with Swings
  • Java with Hibernate & Springs
  • Java, JSP, Java Script, HTML, JQuery, GWT, CSS, AJAX
  • Java, J2EE, Web Services, XML, SoA, JAXB
C ++
  • Basics of C++, Pointers, Arrays
  • Classes, Objects, Inheritance
  • Exception, Operator Overloading, File & streams, Polymorphism, Templates
  • Database & table creation, Data types, Filtering, searching, grouping, etc.
  • Joins, Sub-queries, DM L statements, Data integrity, etc
  • Views, Data control & Transaction control statements, PL SQL, etc.