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Hire in Scale

Don’t let volume hiring trip you up! With Pragnya Meter, you gain the ability to process hundreds or thousands of potential candidates at the same time without the usual fallout of increased time and costs.

With our secure online testing mechanism, assess different candidate groups parallelly and process them for further rounds in quick time. Be it campus hiring or large-scale lateral hiring, we’ll help you do it seamlessly.

Hire Objectively

Not only does manual screening of candidates deprive you of precious time, it also opens the doors for subjectivity and bias in your candidate selection.

With our vast selection of skill and personality assessments, you can streamline your screening processes to eliminate bias that might end up costing you some potentially great candidates.

Cut Time and Costs

We realize that Cost per hire and Time to hire are possibly the two most important metrics you use to quantify your hiring.

Pragnya Meter is designed to help you optimize both of these metrics without compromising on the the Quality of your hires. Our rigorous testing mechanism is designed for ease of use, and will help you deliver significant savings on time and costs involved in hiring.

Onboard Quality Hires

With Pragnya Meter, you can improve the overall quality of candidates hired by basing hiring decisions on objective and structured evaluation of their performance

Our screening assessments are designed to help you funnel the best-fit candidates from your initial applicants into the subsequent interview rounds. Use our skill assessments to then find the perfect hire for any role.

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