Online Aptitude Assessment Test

How logical. How objective. How detail-oriented.

Test objective thinking, attention to detail and
quantitative ability.

Logical Ability

Assess the candidate’s capacity to think objectively, and to perceive and interpret trends in order to generalize. Analyze parameters such as:

  • The ability to synthesize information and derive conclusions, i.e. deductive reasoning
  • The ability to learn by example, i.e. inductive reasoning
  • The ability to see through loopholes in an argument or group of statements, i.e. adductive reasoning

Attention to Detail

Assess the candidate’s ability to observe and retain details. Attention to detail assessments cover the following categories:

  • Abstract variables: word comparison, number set, etc.
  • Information processing: directly related words, passage inference, etc.
  • Geometrical figures: visual registration, image comparison etc.

Quantitative Skills

Assess the candidate's basic understanding of numbers and application in real world problems based on certain scenarios. Analyze non-technical and technical quantitative ability to judge suitability for fields such as banking, finance, etc. and engineering, analytics, etc. respectively.

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