Improve control at each stage of hiring process.

From application to interview, candidate tracking simplified.

Seamless integration of systems for better workflow.

Applicant Tracking

Track and manage applicants as they move through each stage of hiring.

Online Assessments

Test candidates for aptitude, skill competency and communication ability.

Online Interviews

Simplify interviews by conducting and tracking them online.

Measure better. Recruit faster.

Applicant Tracking that optimizes recruitment life cycle


Create job descriptions and roles; define selection frameworks and add candidate information.


Screen candidates using secure online assessments that can be created as per pre-defined selection criteria.


Create interview panels, set grading parameters, and select the best candidates based on online interviews.


Make the final selection based on scores from interviewers and feedback from hiring managers.

Measurement tools that ensure best-fit hires

Get precise and reliable information on your candidates’ skill levels, aptitude and cultural fit with our assessments

  • Domain knowledge on core skills
  • Communication skills
  • Programming skills
  • Aptitude

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Why you should be Hire Tracking.

End-to-end system

Comprehensive system to assess, interview and track applicants.

Flexible features

Easily change job roles and competency frameworks as required.

Top-notch analytics

Detailed scores and feedback to help improve quality of hires.

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