Pragnyameter Online Assessment Campus hiring

Beat the logistical hassles of campus hiring.

Seamless integration of systems for better workflow.

Volume, minus the hassles

  • Conduct thousands of tests at a single instance using our vast library of tests.
  • Predict on-job performance by analysing and correlating candidate scores.

Assess, all-round

  • Assess fresher candidates not only on their skills but also on their aptitude and fit for the job.
  • Ensure better performance and longer stays from candidates after onboarding.

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Test integrity guaranteed by remote proctoring

Monitor test-takers from anywhere. Rest assured in the knowledge that our unbeatable proctoring technology will ensure the authenticity of the test and flag any suspicious behaviour on the part of test-takers.

Security and integrity, always assured

Volume handling

Monitor hundreds of candidates at any time through live streaming and periodic screenshots.

Device independent

Monitor via a device of your choice – PC, tablet or phone.

Multi-level authentication

Fool-proof authentication of candidates via IP screening, webcam monitoring and screen locking.

Monitor several test-takers real-time and warn them of unacceptable behaviour via direct chat.

Curb unacceptable behaviour during tests by setting tolerance levels that will automatically terminate the test upon being exceeded.

Record and playback test sessions to observe candidate behaviour and verify test integrity.

Verify genuineness of test-takers by limiting test access by IP or by sharing private test codes with candidates.

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