1. What is Pragnya Meter?

Pragnya meter FAQ

Pragnya Meter is a unique rating tool that helps you present yourself at the job market with 6000 skill sets certifications of your choice. It helps you save time through information gaining and practicing.

2. How can we take the test?

Pragnya meter FAQ

Get registered with wisdomjobs.com and log on to Pragnya Meter. Book a convenient slot for the test by submitting the details. Make a significant difference with our unique Pragnya Meter test tool.

3. What is the criterion for selecting the examination mode?

Pragnya meter FAQ

There are separate question papers available for various experience levels. The experience levels are categorized as below:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Expert
4. How to prepare for Pragnya Meter test?

Pragnya meter FAQ

E–university is an innovative approach in learning process. It facilitates conceptual learning with knowledge acquisition. It is a complete package of all the courses consisting of around 6000 skill sets, more than 5 crore multiple choice questions and 2 crore interview questions (till date) for rigorous practice.

5. What kind of questions are asked in Pragnya Meter test?

The number and standard of questions change with the experience levels. Each question paper includes various multiple choice questions on the selected skill set, aptitude, reasoning and verbal ability. The expert level includes questions related to the selected skill set.

6. What to do if I miss the exam slot on a particular day?

You can write the exam before the exam link expires. Generally, the question paper has a validity of 7 days before which you need to take the test. If the exam link expires, you need to book another slot.

7. Can I take more than one exam on a single skill set on the same day?

A job seeker is not allowed to take exam on the same skill set more than once on the same day. But they can take exam on different skill sets.

8. What are the rules and regulations of Pragnya meter exam?

Pragnya meter FAQ

9. Is there any negative marking system?

Yes. Negative marking system is there in Pragnya Meter Exam. Every wrong answer makes you lose 0.25 marks.

10. How can I get Pragnya Meter certification?

Pragnya meter FAQ

Pragnya Meter certificate of accomplishment will be sent immediately to the registered mail id once you finish the exam.

11. What is My Pragnya Meter?

Pragnya meter FAQ

My Pragnya Meter provide you the complete details of Registration dates of the examination taken and the selected skill sets, time taken for the exam, exam status and result status. Click on the options available to know more details.

12. What are the benefits of Pragnya Meter score to the job seekers?

The pragnya score will be reflected on the job seekers’ resume presenting them at the job market with a significant difference.

13. How is Pragnya score beneficial to the employers?

Pragnya meter FAQ

Pragnya Meter score redefines the employer’s talent hunt and helps them explore the right personnel.

14. How can I refer Pragnya Meter test to my friend?

Pragnya meter FAQ

Once you complete your exam, you will get a tab Refer a friend option. It allows you to import your contacts to refer your friends.

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